Mathematical Sciences
to Society

To enhance collaboration among mathematical sciences and other disciplines, including industries and several social sectors, we have established the Mathematical Science Center for Co-creative Society. To achieve our mission, the Center devises and organizes various collaborative projects, promotes joint research with corporations, and supports international exchanges of young researchers and students of mathematics who are interested in tackling real-world problems.


G-RIPS Sendai

The Research in Industrial Projects for Students (RIPS) program has been held at the Institute for Pure & Applied Mathematics (IPAM) of the University of California, Los Angeles. In 2018, Tohoku University launched its G-RIPS Sendai program in collaboration with IPAM, targeting graduate-level students in mathematical sciences and related disciplines. Participants from the U.S. and Japan work in cross-cultural teams on research projects designed by industrial partners. The projects are expected to be of great interest to the industrial partners and to offer stimulating challenges to students.

Past G-RIPS Sendai Program

Mathematical Science
Open Innovation Sessions

Mathematical Science
Open Innovation Sessions

In Mathematical Science Open Innovation Sessions, mathematicians deliver inspirational talks on their research topics to participants from industries, followed by free-floating discussions conducted in a light-hearted atmosphere. Conversations among mathematicians and various industry researchers and engineers yield unexpected new viewpoints and ideas, also leading mathematicians to discover new mathematical problems.

Recent Achievements

Masaki Ogawa
Toshiaki Yachimura
Masaaki Harada
Airi Aso

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Fujitsu x Tohoku University
Discovery Intelligence Laboratory

In 2022, Fujitsu and Tohoku University established the “Fujitsu x Tohoku University Discovery Intelligence Laboratory” on our campus to enhance causal inference research, both for application areas and for basic sciences and technologies, such as mathematical logic, discrete geometry, and philosophy. Up-to-date AI technologies and high-performance computing are, of course, a necessary basis for exhaustive searches for causality among big data. Our ultimate objective is the construction of a decision-making framework to address real-world problems and contribute to our future society.






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