g-RIPS-Sendai 2021


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Outline of g-RIPS-Sendai 2021

AIMR building with open ceiling
AIMR building with open ceiling


Voices from participants

I believe that the g-RIPS-Sendai 2021 program was extremely enlightening! In the span of a few weeks, I felt like I really learned to do things in a more industry-focused manner! I think our project was incredibly practical and it is so nice to see what kinds of problems are seen in the industry. I think a program like this really challenges what you learn in the classroom and helps you visualize solutions through an industry-focused perspective. In dealing with these challenges, I think that I felt more comfortable working in a company setting. I also learned a lot more coding and data manipulation than I did before. This program only made me want to work with other applied problems. It has been great to work with all my teammates and with our mentors.

g-RIPS in my eyes was a hands on experience of what the work life of a research scientist is. I thought this was experience was incredibly valuable to me, as after completing the program I have a fair evaluation of what I think are my strengths and weaknesses are going into the work field of a research scientist. I also felt from my team, that the team composition was also very well done. It felt like each one of us was an expert in different fields, yet were able to easily collaborate, while still accommodating our strengths. Even still, I picked up new skills (learned python, coop coding, etc.) in the span of this program. I think this program makes an excellent choice for those looking to pursue a career in research.

g-RIPS-Sendai was a great way to learn about industrial mathematics and also about Japanese culture. I thought it was a good summer. I met mathematicians from across the world. I learned about what it's like to conduct research. I thought the projects were very interesting and right at the graduate level.

I had a great experience during the program even in its online version! Both the mathematical and cultural aspects of the program were fantastic. The project my team worked on was interesting and let me apply a lot of tools I learned during my advanced and graduate level math courses. It felt great to be able to use that knowledge on a real problem that NEC was interested in! Our industrial mentor also provided valuable insight into the project and the work of an industrial mathematician. Further, I really enjoyed the cultural exchange aspect of the program. The Japanese language classes and the social events were great outlets for the American and Japanese students to get to know each other and learn about each other's cultures. Everyone involved in the program was so kind and welcoming. I am really looking forward to meeting everyone in Sendai in the future!

For details of this program, please contact to g-rips-sendai_organizers@grp.tohoku.ac.jp